Bicycle Tour Blue Ridge ParkwayIt was on an Adventure Cycling bicycle tour along the Blue Ridge Parkway when I first heard a vireo. At least, the first time I knew that what I was hearing was a vireo. I had stopped alongside the Parkway. It was in the middle of a long climb; shaded, fortunately, and I was tired. Tim, one of the Adventure Cycling leaders on the tour, caught up to me as I stood by the roadside. I was resting a bit and listening. The trees were tall, creaking quietly with the wind, and the canopy was dense and dark and it felt at the time as if I had entered a concert hall. To the left the mountain rose up out of sight; to the right, it dropped away towards the east; any view obscured by forest.

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Why take a bicycle vacation?

break in a sculpture garden while on a bicycle vacationPeople who choose to go on a bicycle vacation aren’t always uber cyclists. There are a lot of benefits to a cycling vacation beyond the exercise you get. If you have any sense of wanting to learn about the area you’ve chosen to vacation in, a bicycle vacation will satisfy that curiosity in a way that no other mode of transportation can match. You tend to notice sites that would have otherwise been overlooked, and if you see places where you want to stop and take a closer look, it’s easy to do that on a bicycle, whereas in a car you may have driven on by the time you realize what you’re passing, if you see it at all.

Top 3 reasons people choose to go on a bicycle vacation

1. Cycling tends to bring you closer to the local culture

When you’re on a bicycle, people will naturally see you as more approachable and open up to you in a more relaxed way. When we stop somewhere on bicycle vacation, people are always curious as to who we are, where we’re from, where we’re headed, etc. Often times people will share  Continue reading “Why take a bicycle vacation?”