Four years ago I took apart my cargo bike. I had gotten a used mountain bike and bolted on the Xtracycle freeradical. I think that was the third bike I’d used as the donor. Took it on a couple of tours, hauled hundreds of pounds of groceries, took in the recycling and trash. It’s a useful tool. But times change and someone I knew needed a mountain bike. So I took the freeradical off, put the bike back together and off they rode.

Then they left the country and the bike came home and sat in the shed. We were busy with putting on tours and events and I hadn’t thought much about it until we adopted the big German Shepherd. I can’t fit those big bags of dog food on my Fargo, and they are too heavy for the old trailer I bought. So I pulled the bike out of the shed, cleaned it up and started working.

It’s about done. Some new cables and chain and I’ll have it ready. It’s funny how much easier it’s gotten over the years. I guess it’s generally true, the more you do something, the easier it gets. Messing around with bikes over the years, it’s gone from an esoteric mystery to a pleasant task. Centering the disc brakes, adjusting the derailleur, swapping cassettes. A nice way to spend a little time.

But there are instances when things get harder no matter how many times you go through them. We’ve had over a year of drastic change, people leaving our lives, some gone long distances away, some gone forever, chances lost and opportunities gained. The business is changing. Right now we are back in the cocoon of planning and figuring and sorting out ideas. We still love to ride, still think this is the best place to ride, and plan on staying for at least a little longer.


In the meantime, we plan on riding. If you see us, say hello.