Why Do We Offer Custom Bike Tours?

Tasha Walsh
Author: Tasha Walsh

When we started our bicycle tour company, we thought we’d mostly offer open enrollment bike tours – trips where we set the agenda and people sign up. But we quickly realized the value of custom tours and shifted our focus to specializing in working with cyclists to create their own version of the perfect bicycle vacation.

Cyclists of all types can go on a bicycle vacation. Creating custom bike tours with a small group of friends, or a larger club, can allow you to really create the type of vacation you want rather than go with a pre-set agenda. You’re in control of your experience, and it’s possible for cyclists of different abilities to vacation together.

For example, we once created a custom tour for a couple from England who wanted to include the Blue Ridge Parkway on their trip. One of them was concerned about being able to make climb up the mountain, yet the other one was a stronger cyclist and wanted the challenge of riding to the top.  We arranged to transport one while the other cycled up the mountain, they reconnected at the entrance to the Parkway and continued on their way; both having a great time. Continue reading “Why Do We Offer Custom Bike Tours?”