Four years ago I took apart my cargo bike. I had gotten a used mountain bike and bolted on the Xtracycle freeradical. I think that was the third bike I’d used as the donor. Took it on a couple of tours, hauled hundreds of pounds of groceries, took in the recycling and trash. It’s a […]


It was on an Adventure Cycling bicycle tour along the Blue Ridge Parkway when I first heard a vireo. At least, the first time I knew that what I was hearing was a vireo. I had stopped alongside the Parkway. It was in the middle of a long climb; shaded, fortunately, and I was tired. […]

Why take a bicycle vacation?

People who choose to go on a bicycle vacation aren’t always uber cyclists. There are a lot of benefits to a cycling vacation beyond the exercise you get. If you have any sense of wanting to learn about the area you’ve chosen to vacation in, a bicycle vacation will satisfy that curiosity in a way that no […]